Source code for pudl.metadata.resources.ferc714

"""Tables definitions for data coming from the FERC Form 714."""

from typing import Any

[docs] RESOURCE_METADATA: dict[str, dict[str, Any]] = { "core_ferc714__respondent_id": { "description": "Respondent identification. FERC Form 714, Part I, Schedule 1.", "schema": { "fields": [ "respondent_id_ferc714", "respondent_name_ferc714", "eia_code", ], "primary_key": ["respondent_id_ferc714"], "foreign_key_rules": {"fields": [["respondent_id_ferc714"]]}, }, "sources": ["ferc714"], "field_namespace": "ferc714", "etl_group": "ferc714", }, "out_ferc714__hourly_planning_area_demand": { "description": ( "Hourly electricity demand by planning area. FERC Form 714, Part III, " "Schedule 2a." ), "schema": { "fields": [ "respondent_id_ferc714", "report_date", "datetime_utc", "timezone", "demand_mwh", ], "primary_key": ["respondent_id_ferc714", "datetime_utc"], }, "sources": ["ferc714"], "field_namespace": "ferc714", "etl_group": "ferc714", }, "out_ferc714__respondents_with_fips": { "description": ( "Annual respondents with the county FIPS IDs for their service territories." ), "schema": { "fields": [ "eia_code", "respondent_type", "respondent_id_ferc714", "respondent_name_ferc714", "report_date", "balancing_authority_id_eia", "balancing_authority_code_eia", "balancing_authority_name_eia", "utility_id_eia", "utility_name_eia", "state", "county", "state_id_fips", "county_id_fips", ] # No primary key here because the state and county FIPS columns # which are part of the natural primary key can be null. # The natural primary key would be: # ['respondent_id_ferc714', 'report_date', 'state_id_fips', 'county_id_fips'] }, "sources": ["ferc714"], "field_namespace": "ferc714", "etl_group": "outputs", }, "out_ferc714__summarized_demand": { "description": ( "Compile FERC 714 annualized, categorized respondents and summarize values." ), "schema": { "fields": [ "report_date", "respondent_id_ferc714", "demand_annual_mwh", "population", "area_km2", "population_density_km2", "demand_annual_per_capita_mwh", "demand_density_mwh_km2", "eia_code", "respondent_type", "respondent_name_ferc714", "balancing_authority_id_eia", "balancing_authority_code_eia", "balancing_authority_name_eia", "utility_id_eia", "utility_name_eia", ], "primary_key": ["respondent_id_ferc714", "report_date"], }, "sources": ["ferc714"], "field_namespace": "ferc714", "etl_group": "outputs", }, }
"""FERC Form 714 resource attributes by PUDL identifier (````). Keys are in alphabetical order. See :func:`pudl.metadata.helpers.build_foreign_keys` for the expected format of ``foreign_key_rules``. """