The Public Utility Data Liberation (PUDL) Project.



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pudl.__author__ = Catalyst Cooperative[source]#
pudl.__contact__ = pudl@catalyst.coop[source]#
pudl.__maintainer__ = Catalyst Cooperative[source]#
pudl.__license__ = MIT License[source]#
pudl.__maintainer_email__ = zane.selvans@catalyst.coop[source]#
pudl.__docformat__ = restructuredtext en[source]#
pudl.__description__ = Tools for liberating public US electric utility data.[source]#
pudl.__long_description__ = Multiline-String[source]#
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1This Public Utility Data Liberation (PUDL) project is a collection of tools
2that allow programmatic access to and manipulation of many public data sets
3related to electric utilities in the United States. These data sets are
4often collected by state and federal agencies, but are publicized in ways
5that are not well standardized, or intended for interoperability. PUDL
6seeks to allow more transparent and useful access to this important public
7data, with the goal of enabling climate advocates, academic researchers, and
8data journalists to better understand the electricity system and its impacts
9on climate.
pudl.__projecturl__ = https://catalyst.coop/pudl/[source]#
pudl.__downloadurl__ = https://github.com/catalyst-cooperative/pudl/[source]#