Retrieve data from EIA Form 860 spreadsheets for analysis.

This modules pulls data from EIA’s published Excel spreadsheets.

This code is for use analyzing EIA Form 860 data.

Module Contents#



Extractor for the excel dataset EIA860.


class pudl.extract.eia860.Extractor(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: pudl.extract.excel.GenericExtractor

Extractor for the excel dataset EIA860.

process_raw(df, page, **partition)[source]#

Apply necessary pre-processing to the dataframe.

  • Rename columns based on our compiled spreadsheet metadata

  • Add report_year if it is missing

  • Add a flag indicating if record came from EIA 860, or EIA 860M

  • Fix any generator_id values with leading zeroes.

extract(settings: pudl.settings.Eia860Settings = Eia860Settings())[source]#

Extracts dataframes.

Returns dict where keys are page names and values are DataFrames containing data across given years.


settings – Object containing validated settings relevant to EIA 860. Contains the tables and years to be loaded into PUDL.

static get_dtypes(page, **partition)[source]#

Returns dtypes for plant id columns.