Enumerations of valid field values.

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pudl.metadata.enums.COUNTRY_CODES_ISO3166: set[str][source]
pudl.metadata.enums.SUBDIVISION_CODES_ISO3166: set[str][source]
pudl.metadata.enums.EPACEMS_STATES: set[str][source]
pudl.metadata.enums.DIVISION_CODES_US_CENSUS: set[str][source]
pudl.metadata.enums.APPROXIMATE_TIMEZONES: dict[str, str][source]

Mapping of political subdivision code to the most common timezone in that area.

This is imperfect for states that have split timezones. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_time_offsets_by_U.S._state_and_territory

For states that are split, we chose the timezone with a larger population. List of timezones in pytz.common_timezones Canada: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_in_Canada#IANA_time_zone_database

pudl.metadata.enums.NERC_REGIONS: list[str] = ['BASN', 'CALN', 'CALS', 'DSW', 'ASCC', 'ISONE', 'ERCOT', 'NORW', 'NYISO', 'PJM', 'ROCK',...[source]

North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) regions.

See https://www.eia.gov/electricity/data/eia411/#tabs_NERC-3.

pudl.metadata.enums.US_TIMEZONES: list[str] = ['America/Anchorage', 'America/Chicago', 'America/Denver', 'America/Los_Angeles',...[source]
pudl.metadata.enums.GENERATION_ENERGY_SOURCES_EIA930 = ['coal', 'gas', 'hydro', 'nuclear', 'oil', 'other', 'solar', 'unknown', 'wind'][source]

Energy sources used to categorize generation in the EIA 930 data.

These strings are used to construct a multi-index for stacking the net generation data and must not contain underscores, as that character is used to split the longer column names into different parts.

pudl.metadata.enums.ELECTRICITY_MARKET_MODULE_REGIONS: list[str] = ['florida_reliability_coordinating_council', 'midcontinent_central', 'midcontinent_east',...[source]

Regions that the EIA uses in their Electricity Market Module analysis.

According to EIA:

The Electricity Market Module (EMM) in the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS) is made up of four primary submodules: electricity load and demand, electricity capacity planning, electricity fuel dispatching, and electricity finance and pricing, as well as the ReStore submodule which interfaces with both the renewable and electricity modules The EMM also includes nonutility capacity and generation as well as electricity transmission and trade.

We use 25 electricity supply regions to represent U.S. power markets. The regions follow North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) assessment region boundaries and independent system operator (ISO) and regional transmission organization (RTO) region boundaries (as of early 2019). Subregions are based on regional pricing zones.


pudl.metadata.enums.CUSTOMER_CLASSES: list[str] = ['commercial', 'industrial', 'direct_connection', 'other', 'residential', 'total',...[source]
pudl.metadata.enums.TECH_CLASSES: list[str] = ['backup', 'chp_cogen', 'combustion_turbine', 'fuel_cell', 'hydro', 'internal_combustion',...[source]
pudl.metadata.enums.REVENUE_CLASSES: list[str] = ['credits_or_adjustments', 'delivery_customers', 'other', 'retail_sales', 'sales_for_resale',...[source]
pudl.metadata.enums.RELIABILITY_STANDARDS: list[str] = ['ieee_standard', 'other_standard'][source]
pudl.metadata.enums.FUEL_CLASSES: list[str] = ['gas', 'oil', 'other', 'renewable', 'water', 'wind', 'wood'][source]
pudl.metadata.enums.RTO_CLASSES: list[str] = ['caiso', 'ercot', 'isone', 'miso', 'nyiso', 'other', 'pjm', 'spp'][source]
pudl.metadata.enums.EPACEMS_MEASUREMENT_CODES: list[str] = ['Calculated', 'LME', 'Measured', 'Measured and Substitute', 'Other', 'Substitute',...[source]

Valid emissions measurement codes for the EPA CEMS hourly data.

pudl.metadata.enums.TECH_DESCRIPTIONS: set[str][source]

Valid technology descriptions from the EIA plant parts list.

pudl.metadata.enums.PLANT_PARTS: set[str][source]

The plant parts in the EIA plant parts list.

pudl.metadata.enums.TECH_DESCRIPTIONS_NRELATB: set[str][source]

NREL ATB technology descriptions.

pudl.metadata.enums.TECH_DESCRIPTIONS_EIAAEO: list[str] = ['coal', 'combined_cycle', 'combustion_turbine_diesel', 'distributed_generation',...[source]

Types of generation technology reported in EIA AEO.

pudl.metadata.enums.FUEL_TYPES_EIAAEO: list[str] = ['coal', 'petroleum', 'natural_gas', 'other_gaseous_fuels', 'renewable_sources', 'other'][source]

Type of fuel used for generation reported in EIA AEO.

pudl.metadata.enums.MODEL_CASES_EIAAEO: list[str] = ['aeo2022', 'high_economic_growth', 'high_macro_and_high_zero_carbon_technology_cost',...[source]

Modeling cases for EIA AEO.

See https://eia.gov/outlooks/aeo/assumptions/case_descriptions.php .