A subpackage for defining data source-specific transformation parameters.

Each module in this subpackage is associated with and named after a single dataset (e.g. ferc1 or eia923) and must define a dictionary named TRANSFORM_PARAMS. This dictionary is a nested data structure with 2 or 3 levels of keys:

  • The first level has keys that table names (e.g. core_ferc1__yearly_steam_plants_sched402).

  • The second level has keys that are the names of transform functions (e.g. convert_units).

  • In the case of transform functions that operate on a single column and implement the pudl.transform.classes.ColumnTransformFunc Protocol the third level of keys is the name of the column the transform should be applied to.

The leaves of this tree structure are dictionaries of keyword arguments used to instantiate pudl.transform.classes.TransformParams objects of the type that corresponds to the associated transform function, for use with the table or column that’s been identified.

These dictionaries are used by pudl.transform.classes.AbstractTableTransformer to look up the parameters to be used in transforming a table based on the table name.