Source code for pudl

"""The Public Utility Data Liberation (PUDL) Project."""

# Create a parent logger for all PUDL loggers to inherit from
import logging

import pkg_resources

import pudl.analysis.allocate_net_gen
import pudl.analysis.mcoe
import pudl.analysis.plant_parts_eia
import pudl.analysis.service_territory
import pudl.analysis.spatial
import pudl.analysis.state_demand
import pudl.analysis.timeseries_cleaning
import pudl.cli
import pudl.convert.censusdp1tract_to_sqlite
import pudl.convert.epacems_to_parquet
import pudl.convert.ferc1_to_sqlite
import pudl.convert.metadata_to_rst
import pudl.etl
import pudl.extract.eia860
import pudl.extract.eia860m
import pudl.extract.eia861
import pudl.extract.eia923
import pudl.extract.epacems
import pudl.extract.excel
import pudl.extract.ferc1
import pudl.extract.ferc714
import pudl.glue.eia_epacems
import pudl.glue.ferc1_eia
import pudl.helpers
import pudl.load
import pudl.metadata.classes
import pudl.metadata.constants
import pudl.metadata.fields
import pudl.metadata.helpers
import pudl.metadata.labels
import pudl.metadata.resources
# Output modules by data source:
import pudl.output.censusdp1tract
import pudl.output.eia860
import pudl.output.eia923
import pudl.output.epacems
import pudl.output.ferc1
import pudl.output.ferc714
import pudl.output.pudltabl
# Transformation functions, organized by data source:
import pudl.transform.eia
import pudl.transform.eia860
import pudl.transform.eia861
import pudl.transform.eia923
import pudl.transform.epacems
import pudl.transform.ferc1
import pudl.transform.ferc714
# Data validation tools and test cases:
import pudl.validate
# Deployed data & workspace management
import pudl.workspace.datastore
import pudl.workspace.setup  # noqa: F401 WTF is this showing up as unused?

[docs]__author__ = "Catalyst Cooperative"
[docs]__contact__ = ""
[docs]__maintainer__ = "Catalyst Cooperative"
[docs]__license__ = "MIT License"
[docs]__maintainer_email__ = ""
[docs]__version__ = pkg_resources.get_distribution("catalystcoop.pudl").version
[docs]__docformat__ = "restructuredtext en"
[docs]__description__ = "Tools for liberating public US electric utility data."
[docs]__long_description__ = """ This Public Utility Data Liberation (PUDL) project is a collection of tools that allow programmatic access to and manipulation of many public data sets related to electric utilities in the United States. These data sets are often collected by state and federal agencies, but are publicized in ways that are not well standardized, or intended for interoperability. PUDL seeks to allow more transparent and useful access to this important public data, with the goal of enabling climate advocates, academic researchers, and data journalists to better understand the electricity system and its impacts on climate. """
[docs]__projecturl__ = ""
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