Module to perform data cleaning functions on EIA860m data tables.

Module Contents


core_eia860m__changelog_generators(→ pandas.DataFrame)

Changelog of EIA-860M Generators based on operating status.


pudl.transform.eia860m.core_eia860m__changelog_generators(raw_eia860m__generator_proposed, raw_eia860m__generator_existing, raw_eia860m__generator_retired) pandas.DataFrame[source]

Changelog of EIA-860M Generators based on operating status.

The monthly reported EIA-860M tables includes existing, proposed and retired generators. This table combines all monthly reported data and preserves the first reported record when any new information about the generator was reported.

We are not putting this table through PUDL’s standard normalization process for EIA tables (see pudl.transform.eia.harvest_entity_tables()). EIA-860M includes provisional data reported monthly so it changes frequently compared to the more stable annually reported EIA data. If we fed all of the EIA-860M data into the harvesting process, we would get failures because the records from EIA-80m are too inconsistent for our thresholds for harvesting canonical values for entities. A ramification of this table not being harvested is that if there are any entities (generators, plants, utilities) that were only ever reported in an older EIA-860M file, there will be no record of it in the PUDL entity or SCD tables. Therefore, this asset cannot have foreign key relationships with the rest of the core EIA tables.