Source code for pudl.metadata.resources.epacems

"""Table definitions for the EPA CEMS data group."""
from typing import Any

[docs]RESOURCE_METADATA: dict[str, dict[str, Any]] = { "hourly_emissions_epacems": { "description": "Hourly emissions and plant operational data reported via Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems as required by 40 CFR Part 75.", "schema": { "fields": [ "plant_id_eia", "plant_id_epa", "emissions_unit_id_epa", "operating_datetime_utc", "year", "state", "operating_time_hours", "gross_load_mw", "heat_content_mmbtu", "steam_load_1000_lbs", "so2_mass_lbs", "so2_mass_measurement_code", "nox_mass_lbs", "nox_mass_measurement_code", "co2_mass_tons", "co2_mass_measurement_code", ], "primary_key": [ "plant_id_epa", "emissions_unit_id_epa", "operating_datetime_utc", ], }, "sources": ["eia860", "epacems"], "field_namespace": "epacems", "etl_group": "epacems", }, }
"""EPA CEMS resource attributes by PUDL identifier (````). Keys are in alphabetical order. See :func:`pudl.metadata.helpers.build_foreign_keys` for the expected format of ``foreign_key_rules``. """